Please allow me to explain…

This is not a review…it’s a revelation. I’m a professional producer and promoter with a love for all things entertaining, from the fluffy to the fine. I’m devoted to putting art in front of audiences. I’m a matchmaker of sorts. I endeavor to apply my presentation skills and strong personality to help consumers find culture and creators draw crowds. We live in a rapidly growing region where people are hungry for entertainment, which performers are eager to provide, and I hope to use this platform to bridge the gap between the two on a local level.

I’m not here to judge anyone’s creativity. I’m here to teach them to tout it so that everyone else can judge them for me! I’m up for everything: from cheese curds to caviar, PBR to Pinot, open mics to Operas, I’ll try anything once and encourage everyone to do the same!

I’m sick of hearing “there’s nothing to do in this town” so I’m taking matters into my own hands and using my production experience and promotional knowledge to introduce entertainment opportunities to the area. With the help of my sassy sidekicks, Darius the Beer Bitch, the Producer, and our special industry guests, the Dive Bar Diva will put a classy, trashy spin on the area arts scene.

Tune into URL Radio ( or every other Wed. at 4pm, watch CATV12 ( on Thurs. at 9pm, or pick up a copy of the Prairie Independent ( for the latest dish from the Dive Bar Diva, starting in April, 2012. Also be sure to visit her blog ( and “like” her on Facebook!

Love where you live. Support local entertainment and media – and enjoy a beer and some pork rinds while you’re doing it.



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